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With around 200 employees and over 80 buses, we are the largest private bus company in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

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Whether there are a few people or thousands; whether on the streets of Berlin or far beyond - buses connect people and places - sustainably and environmentally friendly.

Quality meets experience

We develop individual mobility concepts, because standards are a minimum for us, not a benchmark.

We provide the right solution for every occasion - and have been doing so for more than 55 years! We therefore not only impress with our quality, but also with our experience.


Our services: One company, three key areas

Travel and charter traffic

The individual and flexible rental of coaches is our core business. With a fleet of over 50 coaches, we always take groups of all sizes from A to B in comfort.


We currently operate around 6 public transport lines on behalf of BVG . With our reliable buses, we transport numerous passengers comfortably and efficiently through the capital every day.


Under the City Circle / Gray Line Berlin brand, we bring thousands of visitors a year closer to the capital's most important landmarks, history, culture and architecture.

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Bus: Mercedes-Benz Citaro
CC Brandenburg Gate

Family-run tradition - a family business for over five decades .

Under the leadership of managing directors Andreas Kastner and Claudio Kastner, the company and the entire team stand for first-class service, security and convenience. 

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Transport service


Service & Sales

Dispatching & control center

Communication & IT

Personnel & Administration

Working together for safety and comfort

Our team is made up of dedicated specialists who are passionate about the satisfaction of our customers.

From experienced drivers to competent customer service, we work together to ensure that your journey with us is smooth and unforgettable .

Safety is always our top priority - with state-of-the-art vehicles and highly trained staff.

Young talent on board

We are convinced that investing in the training of young talent is the key to a successful future in our industry. Training young people is therefore very important to us.

It fills us with pride to accompany young talents on their way to a successful career in the bus industry.

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We not only rely on orange, but also on green

"Every year, the Federal Environment Agency confirms it anew: the bus is the cleanest means of transportation in Germany. No other means of transport consumes as little fuel and emits as little climate-damaging carbon dioxide - in terms of passengers - as the bus." (Federal Association of German Bus Companies)

As an established bus company, we are moving towards a sustainable and innovative future. We have taken significant steps to increase the energy efficiency of our services. This is reflected in various areas of our company. 

Energy from the roof

With our in-house "solar power plant", consisting of 268 photovoltaic modules on a roof area of around 1,800 square meters, we also supply our company with sustainable energy.

The successful project was realized in partnership with Gexx aeroSol GmbH planned and implemented.

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© Gexx aeroSol GmbH

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Modern fleet

We always keep our vehicles at the cutting edge of technology in order to offer the most environmentally friendly mobility possible.

The latest vehicles in our fleet include the Citaro Hybrid series, for example. Thanks to a reduction in fuel consumption of around ten percent, this offers not only a reliable but also a more sustainable solution for local public transport.

In addition, our entire fleet is equipped with modern and climate-friendly Euro 6 engines.

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