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Your journey with is just around the corner or you are about to booking your trip? All topics concerning you and your journey and your journey here. It doesn't matter whether you need information on our driving and rest times or on traveling safely with children. We also understand that an upcoming journey can be quite exciting. That's why you are welcome to take a look here if things that you would like to know before your trip. Finally, you will of course also find everything here that could affect you after your journey with

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You can call up the mobile number of your bus driver in your customer account at any time. For changes to the journey time or pick-up location, you can reach our control center at short notice by calling 030 68389135

The bus will arrive at your starting point at least 10 minutes before the specified departure time.
You will always receive your invoice by e-mail after the mileage.
If an advance payment has been agreed, you can instruct the bank transfer with the booking number as the reason for payment. If you need an advance invoice for this, we will be happy to send you a pro-forma invoice by email.
On your order confirmation, two accounts are noted in the footer, both of which you can use for your payment.

The bus stop is located 400m (3 minutes' walk) from Terminal 1 and 600m (7 minutes' walk) from Terminal 2. The stop is also signposted as "Bus stop B". 

Further information can be found on the BER website.

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Information on driving times and rest periods

Everything you need to know about break regulations for our drivers

The driving and rest time regulation for bus drivers is based on the Working Hours Act and Regulation (EC) 561/2004. This regulation stipulates that bus drivers must must take a break (break in driving time) of at least 45 minutes after a maximum driving time of 4.5 hours. This break can also be divided into two sections (1st section 15 minutes, 2nd section 30 minutes).

It is the responsibility of the driver to comply with this statutory break time in order to ensure the safety of all bus passengers. 

To ensure that drivers are not overtired and are not overtired and overworked behind the wheel, the total daily permitted driving time per person is set by law. This may not exceed maximum of 9 hours per day per day. On two days a week, 10 hours are also permitted. The daily driving time may not be completed in one go in accordance with the break regulation. A weekly driving time of 56 hours may not be exceeded.

The rest periods for driving personnel are not to be equated with driving time breaks. The rest periods are exclusively for rest and and can be freely arranged by the driver away from the wheel. The daily rest period must be at least 11 hours in a row. This rest period can be reduced to 9 hours three times within a working week.

If the bus driver has already been on duty for 6 days, a rest period of at least 24 hours must be observed.

As soon as a journey takes longer than the permitted driving time per person, the driving personnel must be deployed in the form of a double crew. The rest periods per person do not change in this case. 

Rule of thumb: A second driver must be expected for single routes over 700 km without an overnight stay.

Information on traveling with a child

What you need to know about traveling safely with a child on a coach

No, child seats are not compulsory in buses and coaches over 3.5 tons (more than 9 seats), as the belt system of the vehicles is not compatible with the majority of child seat models (no three-point safety belt available).

Children should always be properly secured with the two-point safety belt provided .

If you wish to transport your child in your own infant seat, please check in advance whether it can be fastened with a two-point safety belt (lap belt). We recommend the use of a baby seat for babies. It must also be possible to secure this with the lap belt.

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