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Frequently Asked Questions

1For which types of events can I rent a chartered bus from bvb.net?
Whether you are planning a company excursion or school trip, or wish to comfortably escort guests to an event, our rented buses are at your disposal. No matter whether it is a group of 78 people or more, or a group that only requires a 16-seat minibus, our large and versatile bus fleet will be able to offer you suitable vehicles.
2Can the dates during which I would like to rent a vehicle influence the price?
Yes, our high season stretches from May to October and our low season goes from November to April.
3How long is a bus driver allowed to sit behind the wheel per day and what breaks is he required to take?
A bus driver’s working day can be maximum twelve hours long. Out of these twelve working hours only a total of nine hours can be spent driving. No more than twice per week is the daily driving period allowed to be prolonged to ten hours. After a driving period of maximum four and a half hours the driver is required to take a break of a minimum of 45 minutes. Shorter driving periods with respectively shorter breaks in between are of course also possible. Driving interruptions of less than 15 minutes are however not considered as breaks. In between two working shifts the driver is required to rest for a minimum of eleven hours. No more than three times per week is the time off between shifts allowed to be shortened to a minimum of nine consecutive hours. If the driver spends a number of days on the road he is after no longer than six days required to rest for 24 consecutive hours, and these hours are not allowed to be spent as a passenger on the bus.
4How much time do I have to consider my offer before accepting it?
When we send you an offer we will always state the deadline for when we will need your acceptance. If your reply does come in before the deadline a new price – that is to say a new offer – will need to be calculated. This is the case due to the fact that after the passing of the deadline the allocated buses may be needed elsewhere.
5What bus sizes do you offer?
We have a suitable-sized vehicle for every group. For VIP customers we offer 3-seat limousines and for small groups we have 7-seat minivans or 16-seat sprinter vans on offer. Beyond that we can put 30- and 49- seat charter buses and of course also 78-seat double-deckers at your disposal.
6How is the price determined?
The most important factors when calculating the price of our offer are: The size of the bus, the length of the drive, the duration of the drive (whether a second driver may be required) and of course also the dates of the event. However, whether it is high or low season, we always try to offer you the best deal possible.
7Another bus charter company offered me a lower price, but I would rather rent a bus from bvb.net. What can I do?
BVB.net is famous for offering its customers the best prices on the market. Should you receive a lower price from another company, please contact us. If the competing company can show the same high standard of quality as we do, we will do everything we can to present you with a better offer. It is however worth considering the following point: the cheapest offer is not automatically the most advantageous in the end. Of course we cannot complete price-wise with companies that only own one 20-year-old bus; a modern bus fleet, drivers with first-class training and professional management come at a price. However, these factors all help guarantee a smooth and safe ride that complies with all traffic regulations.
1My group has become smaller / larger, does this change the offer price?
Relevant to the price is not the number of passengers, but the required bus size. Only if you need to change the bus size smaller or larger does change your offer price. You can check our bus sizeshere.
2How do I proceed when the date, time of departure, start, destination or the number of people of my existing offer have changed?
We gladly send you an updated offer for your change, simply send an e-mail to your responsible person, from whom you received the offer.
3I would like to cancel my booking, how do I proceed and with which cancellation fee do I have to reckon?
We need the cancellation in writing by e-mail, please note whether you want to cancel the entire booking or only individual trips.Cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours prior to arrival, afterwards there will be a graduated increase.
4I would like to ask the mobile number of my bus driver, so I can call him in case of changes / emergencies.
The driver's number can be obtained by telephone or by e-mail from 4:00 p.m on the previous day. For changes in the travel time or the pick-up location, you can reach our control center at 030-68389135.
5In my reservation is only the departure time, but when will the bus be on site?
The bus arrives at your starting point at least 10 minutes before the indicated departure time. If you wish an extended stop of the bus, because for example your group will bring a lot of luggage, we gladly change your booking accordingly.
6When will I receive an invoice for my booking?
You will always receive the original invoice by e-mail after the journey.
7I would like to pay my journey in advance. How do I proceed?
If an advance payment has been agreed, you can assign the transfer with the booking number as the intended purpose. If you need a preliminary invoice, we gladly send you a pro forma invoice by e-mail.
8To which account should I transfer the amount for the booking?
On your order confirmation, two accounts are listed in the footer, of which you can use both for your payment.
1My client asks for a bus branding, do you offer something like that?
Yes, we have a lot of experience with bus branding. For further information just send us an email to branding(at)bvb.net